What is Squint?

Squint or Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned. It is usually present from birth but can occur later in life also.

squint vision

Is there any treatment available?

Early treatment can help save the vision. Treatment may require glasses or surgery. Many parents think that a child will outgrow the problem or it is a sign of good luck. Children rarely outgrow a true squint.

If treatment is delayed after the age of eight, the child will see with only one eye even after the squint is corrected by surgery. This is because until the age of eight both the eyes develop and work together. When there is a squint only one eye works. If the squint is operated upon after the age of eight, only a cosmetic result can be achieved as the eyes are already developed by then.

What preventive measures can be followed?

Note: A squint is not a sign of luck, it may indicate poor vision. Get it checked immediately.

  • Convergence exercises help to coordinate the eye movements.
  • Avoid exposing the eyes of small infants to direct and bright light.